A Little Bit About My Spiritual Philosophy About Life

I experienced oxygen deprivation at birth and the doctor told my parents I had a 50-50 chance of survival. Some people would say, “You poor soul; you’ve been given a hard lot in life.”

But from my perspective, which is a spiritual one, I consider this to be a blessing in disguise. I’m always looking at the bigger picture. I don’t believe that things happen accidentally. I believe there is a purpose, even if in that particular moment I may not grasp it. Over time, life has a way of teaching me the blessing of adversity and hardship. I don’t even like to use those words. Everything has a purpose. The universe’s plan for me may not be what I planned.

I innately know that I am a multi-dimensional multi-talented individual with many diversified interests. At some point I see myself as a successful entrepreneur working extensively with people who are extensively involved with philanthropical causes for the betterment of human kind. Even though I myself may not have the financial mean, I have a lot of ideas.

I would like to brainstorm these ideas with other people and get their input. I would like to invite nonprofits and well as small businesses to engage in theses causes if they feel compelled to make a contribution or volunteer their time. However they feel they can best participate.

I know  in my heart and soul that all of the pieces of the puzzle as far as my life is concerned in time will fall into place. I know without a doubt that as a soul entity before I came into this embodiment I chose all of the experiences that I have experienced to date.


4 thoughts on “A Little Bit About My Spiritual Philosophy About Life

  1. I very much appreciated your post. I too do not believe that the things that happen to us are mere random events. There are synchronicities all around us. The universe is full of them, and they are portents of the future.

    Adversity is an invitation to bounce back with greater strength, to learn resilience and adaptability, and to bring heightened empathy to the needs of others. The hero’s journey must have in it the hesitancy, the mentors, and the ordeal. It is in rising to the call to adventure that we uncover our path, the true way that we were meant to travel. Thank you for your reflections and all the best.


  2. Marc – Thank you for sharing your experiences and I am so inspired by your outlook on life. It seems too often that it takes a big challenge like this to “wake up” to our true natures.

    I look forward to reading more on your blog about how you maintain your positive attitude and what your new goals are.

  3. Your positive insight and philosophy on life has left me wanting to read more about the heart and soul of Marc Mortimer. I look forward to your future blogs.

    I have always believed that we can find something good out out of anything, especially when life deals us a bad card. To stay focused on the negative is the easy choice to make in life and it leaves your soul empty and lost. To look past the negative and search for the good can be a very difficult undertaking. But once you find that good, your life will blossom with new perspective and meaning.

    Thank you Marc for sharing your thoughts.

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